How to play AJo incorrectly.

Played in a Sit N’Go at Hollypark last night. Using my trademarked style, I lasted until there were 5 players left, four of which I knew really well, including myself, of course. One wildcard that asked if she could be the eleventh seat, and the organizer, without thinking, said, “Yes, have a seat!” It was this incorrect decision that would temper all of mine to follow, as she ended up to my immediate right.

I was also in the unfortunate position of having a moderately loose aggressive player on my immediate left, so the few times I attempted a blind steal, he moved all in, and as I wasn’t sure of what he was playing, I laid my hands down, instead of getting into a confrontation where I might be at best a coin flip, and at worst, dominated with only three outs to my name. This depleted my stack, however, I had doubled up since then, so, when the following happened, I had a less than average chip stack, with more than I had started with.

In the cutoff, after whatshername min raised the big blind, I looked down at the aforementioned AJo, and didn’t think too long about moving all in. That was the mistake that cost me my tournament life, as after 3 folds to her, she called, and showed pocket Jacks. 5 cards later, I was out the door in 5th place, or, two seats out of the money.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, fold might’ve been a better option, and looking back, you’re right. There were after all two large stacks, and the three larger than average stacks, however, I was the smallest of these. My thinking went to short stack play. Meaning, your two moves are either all in, or fold. She had been playing weak even though she managed a few double ups on the way there, even knocking a player or two out beforehand. It was this weakness that I was counting on when I called. Furthermore, my M according to Dan Harrington, was slightly less than 2 at that point, so my fear was that my hand was the best I was going to see for awhile, to risk my tournament life.

The moral to this story is, one bad read can ruin your whole day.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.